What Does Red X Mean on Twitter and What Does it Mean on Facebook?

  If you are wondering what the “red x” on Twitter means, read on. The X on Twitter indicates that an account has been suspended for breaking the rules of the social media platform.  The Y on Twitter indicates that the account has been banned for violating the rules of the social network.  This message … Read more

Facebook Smartwatch to launch with dual Camera in 2022

Facebook Smartwatch comes with a dual camera, Apple Watch in the face of tough challenges: The end of speculation is now just a matter of time. Facebook’s new smartwatch is coming to the market! No, there is nothing wrong with that, as a multinational company, Facebook is about to launch in the field of hardware … Read more

What is the Difference Between YouTube and Facebook?

  If you’re looking for a platform to post videos, YouTube has an edge over Facebook.  The social network is built around connecting people while the video-sharing site is built for content.  While you can share videos with friends on Facebook, you won’t have as much control over the content as you do on YouTube.  … Read more