How Much Money Does Muselk Make From YouTube?

  The amount of money Muselk makes from YouTube is astonishing. He has more than eight million subscribers and earns a whopping $ 8.19 million per month.  He has been on the internet for four years and has uploaded over 2,021 videos. His YouTube channel has attracted millions of fans and is making him a … Read more

iHasCupquake Make – A Review of the Popular YouTube Star iHasCupquake

 iHasCupquake is a popular YouTube star who gained internet fame for her minecraft videos. She started uploading videos on her channel in 2010, and since then, her popularity has soared.  She has worked with famous musicians like SONJA REID and AUREYLIAN and has even collaborated with YouTubers such as KALEIDO. She was born on March … Read more

How Much Money Does FaZe Rain Make a Month?

 The net worth of FaZe Rain is estimated to be over $3 million per month. The popular YouTuber has earned this amount through ad revenue, ad placements, and other means.  The videos that he uploads on YouTube show off his expensive purchases. Nordan Shat, FaZe’s founder, is an entrepreneur and also a therapist.  He has … Read more