WhatsApp is more colorful, the user interface is also changing

¬†WhatsApp is eager to match itself in a new way by making several changes in the design. Although this messaging app owned by Facebook is hugely popular due to its practical usefulness, they have never conducted special experiments with their own design. So despite multiple changes to the feature, WhatsApp has remained the same in … Read more

Guidelines for Using Automatic Table of Content and How to Hide It

Source: blogging270.blogspot.com If in the initial (manual) version of the table of contents you can choose to put it anywhere, but in this automatic version the script is permanently installed, which means that to change it you have to edit the HTML code of the template. The easiest way you can do to hide it … Read more

Step by Step Change / Delete Mobile Navigation on Median UI Templates

Source: jagodesain.com The mobile navigation menu display is made to make it easier for users to click important menus on the blog such as the navigation menu button, search button, dark mode button and other buttons As we know the average user uses a smartphone using one hand and the thumb has difficulty reaching the … Read more