What Does LRT Mean on Twitter?

 When you first get started on Twitter, you might be confused about the acronym “LRT.” What does LRT mean? There are several explanations, but the most common is “Long Term Relationship”.  It stands for light rail transit, and is a form of public transit that combines metro and tram features. Since Twitter is not regulated, … Read more

What Does WCW Mean on Twitter?

The question, “What does WCW mean on Twitter?” is one that’s thrown around a lot these days.  It’s important to know the definition before using the hashtag to promote a particular product or service.  WCW stands for Woman Crush Wednesday and is a way for people to celebrate the beauty of women.  If you’ve ever … Read more

How Much Money Does FaZe Rain Make a Month?

 The net worth of FaZe Rain is estimated to be over $3 million per month. The popular YouTuber has earned this amount through ad revenue, ad placements, and other means.  The videos that he uploads on YouTube show off his expensive purchases. Nordan Shat, FaZe’s founder, is an entrepreneur and also a therapist.  He has … Read more

How Much Money Did Antoine Dodson Make As an Artist?

 After starring in Tyler Perry’s 2013 comedy-romance film A Madea Christmas, Antoine Dodson has returned to acting for good. He recently starred in the comedy film The TDM HNIC Ghetto News Network.  Dodson’s net worth is estimated at $50,000, which includes his earnings from his acting career and other commercial endeavors. The following is a … Read more